.. has more than a thousand years of history. Made from Dak, Korean paper mulberry, Hanji has alway been revered in Asia for its exceptional beauty and strength. There is a proverb "Silk lasts for five hundred years and Hanji lasts a thousand years. FIDES International Co. is proud to bring the best Hanji from Korea.
Featured Product
  ·Made by Korean traditional We Bal technique

·Multiple grain direction

·Dimensionally stable against moisture

·Excellent for lining
Making Hanji
  Hanji was often called Baek Ji. It refers to one hundred (Baek) touches to make one sheet of paper (Ji). Every Hanji is born out of the intuitive spririt of the artisan.  
History of Hanji
  Two of the world's oldest surviving prints were made on Hanji. Mu Gu Jung Kwang Dae Da Ra Ni Kyung (circa 750 A.D.), is a beautiful sutra made from wood block and Jik Ji Sim Chae Yo Jeol (1377 A.D.) was printed from movable metallic type.