Series 1: Multiple Grain Direction  

· We Bal formation

· Yin and Yang, two layers are in one sheet. Stronger paper compared to general mulberry papers.

· Maintains even expansion/contraction rate.

· No dominant grain direction. Strong on all sides.

· Dimensionally stable against moisture.

· Retains original size when dried after being wet

· Color variation is from washing and sun bleach.

Highligted Items  
1303 –Thinnest Yin Yang Ji
–25" x 37", 19 g/m2
1502 –Medium weight Yin Yang Ji
Dochim treated for additional strength and sheen
–25" x 37", 32 g/m2
1902 –Heavy weight Yin Yang Ji
Dochim treated
–25" x 37", 57 g/m2