CONSERVATOR'S Choice Hanji: What's Different?  
· ALL of our papers are made from 100% Korean paper mulberry, Cham Dak. Korean Cham Dak fibers are long and very flexible. Hanji made from Cham Dak is known for its incredible strength and longevity.

· All of our papers are also made ONLY from the finest non-bleach white inner layer, Baek Dak. Best choice for conservators.

· All of our Hanjis are naturally PH neutral and handmade.

· All of our papers are made with natural formation aid, Hwang Chok Kyu.

· We offer papers made by two distinctive formation technique: We Bal and Ssang Bal.

· Highly recommended for conservation. Showed no visible discoloration and retained over 80% of strength after artificial aging according to TAPPI standards. Click for a complete Library of Congress test report.

· We specialize in custom orders to tailor your individual project needs: size, weight, formation technique, drying method, Dochim