"Silk lasts for five hundred years and Hanji lasts a thousand years"

B.K. Kim has worked in the corporate environment for thirteen years and Beau Kim is a visual artist. What brings us together? Well, we are sisters first of all, but more importantly, we are a team drawn to Hanji, Korean traditional handmade paper. Made from Cham Dak(Korean paper mulberry), Hanji has always been revered in Asia for its exceptional beauty and strength and its originality has made a distinct contribution in the world history of paper making.

Korea has more than a thousand years of paper making history. This tradition is still alive and our vision is to make it more vital. We are proud to represent some of the finest Hanji makers for museums, conservators, and artists. Our mission is to expand the market so that the papermakers can focus on refining their skills and training a younger generation who can carry on the artistry.

There is a poetic exchange between the East and the West. While Western influence has permeated many aspects of Asia in modern history, Asian paper has been widely used to mend Western art and documents in recent years. By supplying the best Hanji, we hope to encourage a broader cultural exchange, bring recognition to the devotion of artisans to hand papermaking, and that more areas of new application will be found by Western users.